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Exterior Window Painting

For a free, no-obligation quote on exterior window painting, call Pro Décor today.


PRO DECOR, the painting company, meticulously executed the exterior window painting project with a keen eye for detail and expertise. Beginning with thorough surface preparation, we ensure a clean and smooth base for the paint application, which enhances durability. Using high-quality paints suitable for exterior surfaces, we apply multiple coats evenly, providing comprehensive coverage and protection against weather elements. Our skilled team employ professional techniques to achieve crisp lines and seamless finishes, showcasing our commitment to excellence in every stroke. A final inspection is conducted to guarantee client satisfaction, leaving the windows looking refreshed and vibrant and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

For the best in expert exterior window painting, contact the experts at Pro Décor today.


Why Choose us For Your Exterior Window Painting


We have years of expertise in exterior window painting services. We ensure that your windows are protected from Ireland’s unpredictable weather. 


We’re proud of our absolute professionalism. We handle every aspect of the painting window frames exterior service, including sourcing the right paint, advising on colour and disposing of all waste post paint.


Are you wondering about the cost of having your exterior windows painted? We offer highly competitive prices on outdoor window painting. Call us now for a fully customized quote.

For the best professional outdoor window painting, call our offices today.

  • I need a house painter near me. What is your catchment area?
    We are available to both domestic and commercial painters throughout Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and Louth.
  • What exactly is the distinction between a painter and a decorator?
    A painter not only understands the technique of painting walls efficiently but also has vast knowledge in producing finishes such as marbling or graining, hanging wallpaper, and restoring period features. You should hire a professional decorator if you need more than a house painting job. A decorator can advise you on how to plan a room correctly. This includes the colour of the drapes, the embellishments on the house’s painted walls, the type of furniture, etc. Some painters (decorators) even know which colours are best suited to the industry in which their client works.
  • Should I paint myself or hire a painter?
    If you are a beginner painter, you must become acquainted with everything. This covers choosing safe materials and supplies for residential painting as well as how to apply the paint itself. Any mistakes you make when painting may be more expensive to repair than if you hired professional Dublin painters in the first place. You can anticipate efficient, safe, and high-quality work if you hire the correct professional from a decorating company. An experienced painter understands how to properly prepare a room for painting as well as which primer or paint to use. Most expert painters can envision how a complete room will look just on a tiny paint swatch.
  • How can I locate a reputable painter and decorator?
    It’s challenging to find a competent painter and decorator near Dublin. If you discover one, anticipate their schedule to be filled because most people will seek their services. Before choosing a Dublin painter and decorator, educate yourself on the fundamentals of interior and exterior painting and decorating. It is better to hire an expert rather than a general handyperson. A specialist would understand how to avoid mistakes and solve problems. Once you’ve decided on a professional painter and decorator, request specific quotes from at least three contractors. For example, in your Dublin house, the quote should include the scope of work, the price, and the timetable, as well as an agreement on what to do if the client is unhappy with the outcomes.
  • What qualities distinguish a good residential / home painter?
    An excellent house painter is knowledgeable. Professional painting techniques vary depending on the surface and item. A skilled painter in both residential and commercial painting will understand how to accomplish flawless finishing. Typically, more experienced painters will have a number of references. A seasoned painter (and decorator) would have at least three to five references. Make sure to do your homework and call the mentioned references to get a sense of the quality of the services.
  • What exactly does an interior decorator do?
    An interior decorator is capable of a wide range of tasks. Decorating specialists’ services are numerous. They possess exceptional design abilities, inventiveness, excellent customer service, practical financial management, and excellent communication skills. Interior or exterior decorators, like architectural designers, plan and maximise space, colour, and design. A plan is created after meeting with the client. Painters and decorators develop strategies that are meticulous in their execution (budgeting, scheduling, and scope of work listing).
  • How do I pick an interior decorator?
    Select a qualified professional whose professional fees, style, and work ethic are acceptable to you. It will also be advantageous if your interior decorator has an associate’s degree in interior decorating as well as experience with layout, composition, and colour scheme.
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