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10 Accent Colors for 2022

When it comes to painting, sometimes less is more. Maybe you’ve wanted to try bolder, louder colors but don’t want to fully commit an entire room, or need to establish a focal point in a room. Whatever the case, narrowing down color is the hardest part of the process.

2022 is a blank canvas, so now is the perfect time to refresh your space with a stunning statement shade.

We’ve curated a list of the top accent colors for 2022 based on paint color trends from our partners at Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. And don’t worry, we’ll tell you which neutral colors to pair them with so you can make sure your palette works..

#1. Forget-Me-Not

Forget-Me-Not is a bright, cheerful purple to incorporate into your space. This 2022 accent color would be perfect as a geometric frame for a focal piece of furniture or as an accent piece of furniture itself.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 8917 Shell White

  • SW 7077 Original White

#2. Nugget

We’re seeing a lot of nature-inspired hues in this year’s accent color trends. So, a true golden yellow is perfect to breathe new life into your home. Use it as a front door refresh, or a bright accent color in a common room to welcome your guests.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 7006 Extra White

  • SW 7551 Greek Villa

#3. Relentless Olive

We are loving the green paint colors popping up in this year’s paint color trends. Looking for an earthy, cozy feeling in your home? This soothing, earthy hue of green is perfect for ceilings, accent walls, or cabinets.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 9165 Gossamer Veil

  • SW 6420 Queen Anne’s Lace

#4. Neon Green by Benjamin Moore

Don’t be afraid to go there. This beautiful, breakfast room green is perfect for bringing color into the small corners. Brighten up an entryway, a powder room, or an office with a splash of color.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

#5. Intense Teal

Although ‘intense’ is in the name, bring a sense of calm into your space without compromising color with this lighthearted blue. Paint your front door, a bookcase, or a small wall to define the space.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 8917 Shell White

  • SW 7005 Pure White

#6. Positive Red

A color this bold is perfect for accenting. Perfect for end tables, front door, or a fiery stripe on an accent wall.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 7003 Toque White

  • SW 7000 Ibis White

#7. Lakeshore

This next accent color for 2022 is another one from the beloved blue family. Lakeshore is the ideal, versatile shade of blue to accent cabinet bottoms or walls, bringing serenity to a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 6154 Nacre

  • SW 9122 Dried Edamame

#8. Dragon Fruit

The perfect pink accent for all kinds of projects around the house. Whether it’s window shutters, staircase backsplashes, or the inside of your cabinets, add a bubbly pop of color to any space!

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 8917 Shell White

  • SW 2739 Charcoal Blue

#9. Tooty Fruity by Benjamin Moore

What a peach! Use this refreshing orange for powder rooms and pitched ceilings. Consider using it inside cabinets for a surprise burst of color!

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • 2131-40 Smokestack Gray

  • 1408 White Violet

#10. Pennywise

For a more subdued hint of color, consider Pennywise for guest rooms, kitchen backsplashes, or places where you like to relax.

Pair with these neutral paint colors:

  • SW 7637 Oyster White

  • SW 2845 Bunglehouse Gray

Get the Look

Adding pops of color is a quick way to breathe new life into a space but requires great attention to detail. If you’re unsure which accent color to choose for your 2022 makeover, let Pro Decor Painters® guide your decision with our color consultation services to get the right color the first time for your paint project.

Contact your local Pro Decor Painters® to schedule your estimate today!


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