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Can You Paint Siding? | Pro Decor Painters®

If you’ve deemed a refreshing coat of paint on your home’s exterior, figuring out exactly where to get started is 50 % the battle. No matter whether your property has natural wood, aluminum, vinyl, or hardie board (fiber cement) siding, every sort of material calls for a diverse method when it arrives to painting.

So, can you paint siding? The most very simple answer is certainly, but respecting the content with the appropriate planning, instruments and paint will be certain the finished solution arrives out searching spectacular.

Examine on to discover out how to tactic painting just about every form of siding.

Painting Pure Wood Siding

Mainly because of its normal elements, this type of siding desires shielding. Earning positive you are remaining on prime of routine maintenance of your all-natural wood siding will ensure your house stays in very good shape and seems lovely.

A good way to manage the integrity of your pure wooden siding is to refresh its paint. Here’s a rapid overview of how to paint natural wooden siding.

Move 1: Inspect Your Siding

Examine to see if there is any flaking, peeling, exposed seams, or rotting wooden. These challenges need to have to be addressed in advance of you start painting.

Step 2: Scrape and Sand Free Paint

Following placing down fall cloths to catch any paint particles, use a paint scraper to get rid of any flaking or peeling paint to make certain a smooth finish. Next, using a sander, start sanding with a coarse abrasive and complete with a high-quality abrasive to easy the edges between painted and scraped parts. Failing to completely prep your pure wood siding prior to painting can final result in uneven protection or additional peeling. On top of that, painting in excess of wooden with high dampness articles does not end the deterioration process and really should replaced.

Move 3: Primary Wood

You will will need to clean the surface of the wooden prior to painting. Ideally, use a stress washer to blast away any filth or remaining paint chips by heading from base to best to stay away from any staining. Be exceptionally thorough to not get drinking water guiding the siding as this can result in humidity troubles within your home. Permit dry for 2 or 3 days prior to you start out painting.

Action 4: Paint

We advise implementing a primer/sealer prior to painting your foundation shade to make certain the paint bonds to the wooden effectively. As soon as that coat dries absolutely, apply your paint colour! Commencing from the prime and doing work down, make guaranteed you are making use of paint evenly to steer clear of noticeable markings as it dries.

Painting Aluminum Siding

A well known preference post Environment War II, aluminum involves pretty very little routine maintenance and has terrific insulation and temperature defense attributes.

While a low-priced and strong content, it is prone to dents and quickly-fading paint. A swift coat of paint will continue to keep your aluminum-clad home sparkling!

Move 1: Prep the Surface

Inspect the aluminum siding and scrape off any peeling or flaking paint, as well as any old caulk strains. Scrub absent any mildew and grime with heat, soapy water. Alternatively, making use of a electrical power-washer will velocity up this process, just be careful not to get water at the rear of the aluminum siding. Let dry for 2 or 3 days in advance of you commence painting. Devoid of thorough prep, the paint end will bubble up, peel or fade speedier than intended resulting in you obtaining to do a further painting task.

Move 2: Prime the Surface

A galvanized steel etching primer will give you the very best benefits when painting your aluminum siding. You will want to use a synthetic polyester paintbrush to deal with the full surface space and let it remedy for at minimum 4 hrs.

Phase 3: Paint

Utilizing 100% acrylic exterior paint, use a brush to paint the edges to start with before loading your paint roller. Operate the roller in the path the siding is oriented (side to side if horizontal, up and down if vertical), performing your way from the leading to the base. Let the paint dry for at the very least 2 hrs right before implementing another coat.

Painting Vinyl Siding

By significantly the most preferred siding substance for residence exteriors, vinyl is deemed routine maintenance-free that doesn’t ordinarily involve painting due to coloration staying blended in with the material. Nonetheless, vinyl siding can shed its luster over time or you may possibly be seeking a facelift for your house.

Whatever the situation, you can paint vinyl siding, it is just vital to remember that your vinyl siding will now be as servicing-free as the paint by itself.

It is also significant to examine if painting your vinyl siding voids any maker warranties that might however be in result.

Step 1: Clean up the Vinyl

Rinse your siding with h2o. Then, with a cleaning solution, scrub absent grime, grease, and debris, performing from the bottom to the major. Do not get h2o at the rear of the siding as this can bring about high-priced dampness troubles down the line. Be confident it dries completely just before moving to the next step.

Action 2: Key (Optional)

Vinyl siding does not demand a primer, but it won’t hurt to use 1, especially if your siding has deteriorated or withstood extreme weathering. Let the primer dry completely.

Step 3: Paint

Paint an even coat of exterior paint, using the similar system you utilised when priming. Allow the 1st coat dry absolutely prior to applying a advisable next coat.

Painting Hardie Board Siding

Speak about sturdy. Hardie Board, also regarded as fiber cement siding, is a composite material built of concrete substrate. Significantly heavier than its counterparts, it is particularly strong and usually doesn’t require a paint refresh for up to 20 many years.

Painting hardie board is not only attainable, it’s advised to prolong its longevity and maintain your house on the lookout clean.

Phase 1: Thoroughly clean

Using a straightforward backyard hose or a tension washer, spray absent any filth, grime, grease and dust. It is most effective to get started at your roofline and do the job your way down.

Move 2: Key

If you are functioning with brand name new hardie board siding, establish regardless of whether it is Prefinished, Manufacturing facility Primed or Unprimed. If your siding is Unprimed, you will require to apply an exterior-grade acrylic latex primer prior to you begin painting. If you have a Prefinished or Factory Primed hardie board, you can skip this action.

Stage 3: Paint

Fortunately, hardie board is an exceptionally simple product to paint. However, no subject what strategy you use to paint (brush, roller, sprayer, and many others), you’ll need to apply two coats of paint to accomplish the best complete.


As you can see, it is attainable to paint any kind of siding. The kicker is the amount of time these projects can take, the equipment and the typical know-how that can transform a weekend project into an pricey overhaul.

Look at contacting Pro Decor Painters® to tackle any of your exterior painting needs! Get in touch with us now to program a consultation.


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