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Limewash vs Whitewash Brick | Pro Decor Painters®

The rewards of owning a brick house are abundant. They’re by natural means fire and temperature-resistant, composed of natural, renewable assets (shale and clay), quick to maintain and by natural means insulated.

Having said that, your alternative in brick hues can truly feel constrained, and homebuyers often feel like they are compromising on their wished-for dwelling coloration. Thankfully, there are eco-pleasant, cost-productive choices to give your brick property a facelift without agonizing around the facts that appear with painted brick. Lime washing and whitewashing are equally historic processes that have just lately risen in recognition as options to far more highly-priced exterior upgrades.

In this write-up, we’ll explore limewash vs. whitewash for brick properties and the benefits to just about every.

What is Limewash?

Image: Our Faux Farmhouse

Limewash was at the height of its reputation in the 1800s and 1900s due to the fact it was quickly readily available and affordable.

Limewash is made up of two substances: lime and drinking water, and is normally a white coloration, but other pure hues are standard. Lime, not to be perplexed with the citrus fruit, is extracted from limestone and then processed into lime putty or paste. Blended with water, the mixture turns into a matte or chalky texture that is then completely ready to be used to a home’s exterior.

Unlike painted brick, limewash doesn’t only sit on best of brick it penetrates the fibers.

Execs of Lime washing Exterior Brick

  • Low upkeep

  • Micro organism-resistant

  • Attractive getting old system

  • Economical and eco-friendly

  • Out there in other normal shades and hues

Negatives of Lime washing Exterior Brick

  • Tough to control the consistency of look

  • Labor-intensive wants several coats to be a sound colour

  • Will not modify the texture of your brick

  • Comes in a minimal array of earth tones and off-white

  • Just cannot be utilized over painted brick

What is Whitewash?

Pictures: Pro Decor – Madison, WI

Even though limewash can be regarded a style of whitewash and is normally utilized synonymously, we’ll be differentiating the two for this short article.

Whitewash is a half-and-half mixture of drinking water and paint that sits on leading of brick, contrary to limewash, to give a translucent end, muting the brick’s all-natural coloration. Contrary to painted bricks, whitewashing preserves bricks’ all-natural, random variations, depending on how much is applied and how each individual person reacts to its application.

Professionals of Whitewashing Exterior Brick

  • Provides a smoother surface complete

  • Very low upkeep and lasts for yrs

  • Can effortlessly be used to painted bricks

  • Limitless shade alternatives

  • Supplies total coverage

Cons of Whitewashing Exterior Brick

  • Far more expensive than lime washing when utilised on greater surface regions

  • Some paints can trap moisture

  • Tough to remove if you alter your brain

  • Challenging to manage regularity of combine if Do-it-yourself

Which is Finest for Your Dwelling?

Now that you are common with limewash vs. whitewash, how do you choose which course of action to use for your exterior brick?

Limewash is an exceptional choice if you are hunting for a little something normal and eco-helpful. We endorse this strategy for a person wanting for a semi-long-lasting adjust that can be taken off with electrical power-washing. Limewash brick is a fantastic option for a vintage home glimpse on new bricks.

On the other hand, whitewashing bricks is advisable for individuals hunting for a solution that is more permanent. Because whitewashing is mixed with paint, it can be utilized on formerly painted brick. All in all, it is a wonderful selection for scaled-down interior jobs like hearth brick or a brick wall accent.

Upgrade Your Brick Exterior with Pro Decor Painters®

Investing in the exterior of your household is just as vital as the interior, and so is selecting the suitable painting spouse to comprehensive the challenge properly the 1st time.

Believe in the painting industry experts at Pro Decor Painters® to breathe new life into your brick home. Agenda a consultation for your upcoming exterior residence task today!


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